Friday, February 03, 2006

We’re Her Parents

They say that it doesn't always sink in right away for first-time
parents that they're parents. Oh sure, for some, the delivery process
is dramatic enough to make you realize what you've gotten yourself
into. But for others, it doesn't hit them that they're parents until
much later. Maybe someone says the phrase, "your son," or they catch
a glimpse of themselves in their daughter's face, and it dawns on them
– I'm a parent.

Amy and I, because we became parents through adoption, have been like
this. We tell each other it's like we've been given the joy of
babysitting this precious little girl for a really long time. But
it's hard sometimes to think that she's our daughter.

But slowly, I think the reality is sinking in. Jada has such an
affection for Amy that Amy is starting to realize that this little
girl, who looks nothing like her, sees her as Mommy. It's really a
tender, wonderful thing to see.

As for me, the other day, I forget why, I tried to imagine Jada's
biological parents. What they might look like, where they were, what
they were doing, how they might be wondering about Jada. It was hard
for me to imagine them. It occurred to me that the reason it was hard
for me to imagine was that when I thought of Jada's parents, I thought
of Amy and me. We are Jada's parents. And to think that there's
another two people in this world who are also Jada's parents, I can't
seem to wrap my head around it. And I realized that as I conceived
this strange thought, the reality of Amy and me being parents had just
sunk in another level.

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