Friday, February 17, 2006


Jada is quite the thrill-seeker. She delights in being thrown up in
the air, dropped suddenly, even hung upside down. (All carefully
supervised stunts, of course.) The other day, Amy had to rev the
engine in the car just to get it over a hump of snow and into a
parking spot. Jada, who had been crying for half the car trip,
suddenly burst into giggles.

Lately, she's been swiveling her head back and forth when she's
waiting in the high chair for one of us to heat up her food. We think
she likes the swishing sound her head makes against the cushion of the
high chair. But it could also be the distortion in her view as she
moves her eyes back and forth across the room.

So don't be surprised if Jada grows up to be an astronaut. Or at
least likes roller coasters.

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