Friday, January 20, 2006

An Unhappy Camper, A Nurse Always on Call, and Chopped Liver

This phase Jada's currently in has us all pretty worn. The good news
is that she's really bonded with Amy: real clingy, understands that
she's her mom and what that means, can't stand to see her leave the
room. What's hard for her, though, is that Amy can't be in the room
at all times, can't always let Jada cling on her. For Amy, it's hard
to not have any time to herself, any time to catch a breath or clean
the house or do something relaxing. And me, I'm chopped liver! I've
come home from work or school, picked up Jada from Amy's arms, and
watched Jada, never taking her eye off Amy, cry as Amy leaves the

Amy asked me today if this was hard on me, and I laughed and said no;
I'd rather be me than her. What's hard for me, I told her, is that I
can't really do anything for Amy or for Jada. This is just a phase
little girls go through, according to the textbooks. If anything, I'm
happy that Jada, though she was adopted and we've only known her for
three of her eleven months on earth, is going through this phase,
because it means she knows what it means to have a mommy and she loves
her mommy. But for the two or three weeks this phase'll take to get
through, I think we're all going to be a little worn from all the
crying and all the clinging.

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