Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Copy Cat

Jada's in another Mommy phase. Shortly after we returned from China,
she was very clingy with Amy, in that she couldn't bear to see her
leave the room and would cry until she returned. It's not like that
this time around, but there's certainly a clinginess that is sometimes
sweet and sometimes tiring – it's kind of nice to have someone follow
you around and tug on your leg as you putter around the kitchen, but
it can wear on you after awhile.

Another manifestation of this phase is Jada's uncanny ability to mimic
Amy: noises, gestures, even facial expressions. At one point, I felt
like I was watching a game of Simon Says: to prove her point, Amy
squawked, grunted, and then clapped; Jada followed with the same
sequence a few seconds later.

Amy and I talk a lot about how the stakes are higher when it comes to
our personal conduct, because our kids will pick up on all of our
habits, good or bad. But I don't think Amy was bargaining on someone
being so tuned in to her every move.

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