Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not So Fun the Second Time Around

Last Sunday, Amy and I took Jada straight to the nursery at our church
before we headed into the sanctuary for the morning service. Jada saw
a room full of toys and never looked back. We were so glad she
enjoyed her first visit to the nursery.

Today, not so much enjoyment. Amy is working today so I took Jada to
church. I decided to bring her into the morning service for the first
part, instead of taking her straight to the nursery. She crawled
around in the aisle, waved at other congregants, and even clapped
along as we sang worship songs. Once the sermon started, I took her
to the nursery and left her there, just like the week before.

About twenty minutes later, I got a tap on my shoulder. "They need
you in the nursery." I quietly excused myself. As I approached the
nursery, I heard a familiar cry. Apparently, Jada had started crying
less than five minutes after I had left, and hadn't stopped crying
since then, no matter how many toys were placed in front of her. Even
after I arrived, she would only stop crying if I was holding her, and
even then it seemed she was on the verge of tears.

One of the workers told me when kids keep crying in the midst of so
many possible distractions, it means that either they're tired or
sick. I'm guessing Jada's just tired; we've had a busy last few days,
and she's been fairly active during that time, so today I guess is
going to be one of those days when she has less energy and is more
into being clingy and mellow.

So nursery was not so fun the second time around. Maybe the third time?

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