Friday, December 23, 2005

Survival Skills

Jada's at an age now where we really have to look out for her. We
have to feed her, bathe her, and change her, watch her when she moves
around, and help her get to sleep at night. Obviously, we won't be
able to do this for the rest of her life, so eventually she has to
learn survival skills. And slowly, she is. For one, she is learning
how to fall on her butt. She has learned the hard way that if she is
standing up and falls forward, she will land on her face and it will
hurt. So her body is learning how to balance itself and, if it is out
of balance, to fall backwards in such a way that she will land on a
very cushiony part of her body.

The next milestone we're hoping she learns is how to get herself comfy
for sleeping through the night. Usually, we'll put her down for the
night after a bottle, but barely a half-hour later she is crying,
unable to roll over to her side or tummy, where she is more
comfortable sleeping through the night. So one of us has to go down,
calm her down, and help her get to her side or tummy. So the next
milestone will be for her to learn how to wake up, feel uncomfortable,
and get herself to her side or tummy. For the sake of everyone
getting a good night's sleep, we're hoping she learns this skills
sooner than later.

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