Saturday, December 24, 2005

Shrieking with Delight

Jada already smiles and laughs easily, but sometimes she's so happy
she gets the shakes. Her arms will straighten, her body will shake,
and she will let out this high-pitched squeal. She seems to have
developed this behavior in the last few days. Among the things that
cause her to shriek with delight: Mommy's elbows and knees, the mobile
above her crib, the spinny office chairs in our study room, and mashed

Future-minded as I am, I can't help but see a teenage Jada shrieking
with delight over the latest fashions or boy bands. But for now, it's
just our ten-month-old, shrieking with delight over the most random of
things. And we could not be more smitten by our cutie.

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