Sunday, November 06, 2005


Jada’s pretty much been a little sick since we got her four weeks ago, but her mild symptoms of coughing and sneezing have been getting better each week. So, in general, she’s healthy and happy, and seems to be getting healthier and happier by the day.

Her mom and dad, on the other hand, are sick. Amy’s had it for a few days now, and persevered through her parental duties without batting an eyelash. I, on the other hand, got sick yesterday and I generally do worse when I get sick in terms of being able to keep on going. As bad as I feel physically, I think I feel worse about being less helpful to Amy and even worse about possibly getting Jada sicker.

But I’m sure everything will be OK. Amy’s already starting to feel better, I have the whole day to recuperate, and Jada just keeps on trucking, giggling her high-pitch squeal and rolling around in the Sunday newspaper. Even when you’re sick, life as a parent is good.
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