Friday, October 21, 2005

Sleepless Night

Our first night at home . . . and Jada and I are both wired. I would have had no problem with the jet lag except for her -- I got tired in the evening, and was prepared for a long-awaited night of sleeping horizontally. In my own bed, no less.

Ah, but our little one had other plans. She had slept through most of the plane rides, so we were hoping when we arrived in Philadelphia in the morning that she would do her thing during the day and get sleepy at night just like almost every other night we had had her.

Alas, all the stimulation of seeing her new home and meeting her granddad caused her to take a very long afternoon nap, and to not be able to get settled at night. So here I am at 1:30am, having been rousted from bed by that familiar cry some two hours ago, and having exhausted all my tricks for getting her sleepy. She's on my lap and desperately wants to type like Daddy is typing. So let me let her do the next paragraph:

v c c, b nkmj , , oi

(After this stirring sequence of keystrokes, she somehow managed to shut the computer off. Good thing I saved before I turned the typing over to her.)

So to add to our challenge of figuring out a scheduled of eating and sleeping that works for her and for us, we have to get her un-jetlagged. Given how lively she is right now, I would venture to say we have more sleepless nights ahead.
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