Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sensitive Sleeper

Often, Jada falls asleep while taking the bottle.  It is such a cute sight, her eyes closing and her body going limp as her mouth continues to churn.  But the dilemma is that once she has fallen asleep, she is still splayed out on top of one of us.  And let me tell you, the slightest movement away from her will cause her to not only wake up but howl. 
In fact, one time, she was asleep and I slowly brought her to the crib, as if I was carrying a ticking time bomb.  Every time I would lower her into the crib, she would instantly turn the tears on.  And every time I would raise her back up to me, the tears would turn off just as instantly.  Up and down, on and off, as if I had a volume button on her.  What a sensitive sleeper.
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