Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Long Way Home

I'll post a longer update later but I wanted to let everyone know that we made it home after a very, very long journey home.  I didn't think it was mathematically possible to do back-to-back red-eyes, but somehow we did just that (thanks to the International Date Line and other time zone oddities).  Jada did reasonably well, and got better with each leg.  Mom Krinsley was still battling illness but was a trooper through it all.  Mom Huang got home safely, just in time for her floral arrangement event this weekend. 

And the new mom and dad are just glad to be home, and delighted to be the parents of such a happy and healthy baby.  It was so neat to introduce Jada to her granddad (Amy's father), who picked us up at the airport, and to her new home, full of all sorts of things that had her even more wide-eyed than she usually is.  China was fun, but it is nice to not have to race all over the place and worry over paperwork.  No, all we have to worry about is laundry, Jada's eating and sleeping schedule, my work and school, and so on.  Here we go . . .
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