Saturday, October 22, 2005

First Day Home

Another adoptive parent in our travel group who had done this before told us our daughter might be quite clingy upon our return home. And indeed, Jada has cried almost every time she is left alone, even if only for a few seconds while we leave the room to retrieve something. That, combined with a 12-hour time difference, means we’re guessing on about a one-week transition period in which her sleep schedule and overall mood will be more erratic at first. But she seems to like her new home and grows more and more comfortable with the two of us.

And we are also glad to be home. It is so much easier than when we were in China, when we were literally living out of suitcases and constantly on the go. Plus we had forgotten just how pretty our neighborhood and our home was. We left in early October and upon returning, the leaves were already changing colors and the street was noticeably clean and wide (at least relative to the streets in China). And Amy worked hard to clean the house before we left, so we returned to a tidy, fresh-smelling home. Also, it’s just always to come home after a long trip. Only this time, instead of coming back with souvenirs and pictures, we came home with our daughter.
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