Tuesday, October 25, 2005

As Much Time, As Little Time

Jada was so worn out yesterday afternoon from over two days of not sleeping more than an hour at a time that she feel asleep at 3:30 pm and was still out when I came home from work at 5:30 pm.  Fearing that too long an afternoon nap would make it hard for her to sleep through the night – again! – I rousted her up and tried to get some food into her.  Ever try to feed a baby who's not among the awake?  Anything more solid I ended up having to fish out or her mouth, and anything more mushy just ended up coating the inside of her mouth.  Oh well.  So we put her back down at 6:00 pm and, glory glory hallelujah, she slept through the night.  This morning has gone according to plan, as well.  So hopefully we are finding some semblance of schedule. 


As we get into a rhythm with her, I'm struck by how sometimes I want to spend as much time with Jada as possible, and sometimes I want to spend as little time as possible.  On the one hand, for example, I'll race home from work or school just to squeeze a few extra moments with my daughter.  On the other hand, for example, I want her to stay in her crib as long as possible after she's woken up, to increase the amount of time I have to myself before I'm on duty.  Funny how that is. 

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