Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Updated Itinerary

10.07 Amy, me, and Amy's mom fly out to LAX to meet up with my mom, who'll be flying out of SFO; then the four of us go directly from LAX to Guangzhou

10.08 Doesn't exist to us because we're crossing the International Date Line

10.09 We arrive in Guangzhou and then take a short flight to Nanchang, where we'll arrive in the late morning and have the day to rest and recuperate

10.10 We and the other three adoptive families meet and get our babies in the Civil Affairs office in the afternoon

10.11 Registration/notarization at Civil Affairs Office; apply for Jada's passport

10.12 Sightseeing tour; check notary papers

10.13 Sightseeing tour; shopping

10.14 Get Jada's passport

10.15 Sightseeing tour

10.16 Fill out INS forms for the consulate interview

10.17 Fly to Guangzhou; take babies' visa pictures, conduct medical examination

10.18 Interview at consulate in the morning; sightseeing tour in the afternoon

10.19 Get Jada's visa in the afternoon, fly out in the evening, arrive at LAX in the evening of the same day, fly the red-eye back to PHL

10.20 arrive at PHL and go home
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