Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer 2018 Mini-Vacation #1: Washington DC

 Our usual summer vacation MO - go the last two weeks before school starts - had its advantages.  They say the anticipation of vacation is almost as good for you as the actual vacation, so you get to look forward to it all summer.  And, because schools start so late here (the Tuesday after Labor Day), we could hit popular places at the end of their seasons, when crowds were thinner and deals were to be had.

Alas, between the School District moving the start of the school year up a week and me being on the School Board (and therefore needing to be in town for key meetings and work at the beginning of our tenure), it's scrambled our summer vacation plans.  At least for this summer, no longer trip and no set plans as of yet.

That's right, it's mid-June and we don't yet know the when's and where's of our summer plans.  Which may be utterly normal for some people but is highly unusual for us.  Between our crazy schedules and my pre-disposition for planning ahead, it's not unusual for us to know and secure our plans several months if not a year plus in advance.  Not so this year.

So, for a variety of reasons, we're sticking with a handful of mini-vacations of two to four days, rather than one long trip.  We just got back from our first one, to our nation's capital. Highlights include coveted tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, a fun day at the new District Wharf, and just lounging in our hotel room as a family.  This is how we'll roll this summer.

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