Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Curse of Aaron Huang is Over

10 years ago, this fair city celebrated its first major sports championship parade in 25 years.  I pulled Jada out of day care and brought us into the teeth of the celebration, as documented here.  I somewhat flippantly called my blog post, "The Curse of Aaron Huang," joking that by casually opting to not bring Aaron, was I inviting future guilt over the missed opportunity should a second chance not materialize.  Aaron was 1 1/2 at the time, so between four major sports teams in the city, I figured I had 60+ seasons' worth of opportunities to bring him to a party like that.

Fast forward to last year, and it did not look promising.  Aaron was now 10, and just like that the number of chances for a parade during his childhood had been cut in half.  All four sports teams looked nowhere near elite status.  Would Aaron's childhood years come and go without a championship?

Today, the curse ends.  Schools are closed, so I'm bringing Aaron to work with me, and we're breaking midday to take it all in.  (My office, at 15th and Walnut, is less than a block from the parade route, so we don't have to go far.)  He's not m
uch of a football fan, let alone an Eagles fan, but I think he's pumped to do this with me and to take in the spectacle of it all. 

And Asher?  Gulp.  He turns 3 in April.  I'm leaving him at home.  Can I count on another championship parade here in Philly at some point in the next 60 seasons? 
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