Saturday, February 24, 2018

Teenager in the House

Today we celebrate Jada turning 13.  It’s crazy to think there is a teenage girl living under our roof.  We love our Jerds so, and cherish the young lady she has become.

Birthdays are often a time to reflect back and not just look forward.  As adoptive parents, we do not have in our memory bank such things as going into labor, rushing to the hospital, and holding a newborn for the first time.  In Jada’s case, we don’t even know if February 24 is the day she came into this world; she was found, abandoned, on February 27, and those who found her simply guessed she was 3 days old at the time. 

So, intertwined with the joy of celebrating her life is a little sorrow and wonder.  Not everyone gets to come into the world with the same privileges and advantages.  But we are all equal in the eyes of God, and in a just world we should all have access to the resources and opportunities we need to become the best version of ourselves.  We are honored to watch Jada become that right before our eyes.

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