Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Xmas in Cali, Day 8

 A smooth travel day turned chaotic at the end.  We all got up bright and early and did a good job packing up and heading to the airport.  Returning the rental car and getting through security were a breeze.  Asher was even more well behaved this time than the way out.  (It helped that the flight was an hour shorter due to the jet stream, that we  packed ample snacks, and that he fell asleep an hour before we landed rather than right at impact.)  It was even smooth sailing getting off the plane, getting Amy and the older kids to baggage claim, and getting me and Asher on the shuttle to the economy parking lot where he had stashed the family car.  Alas, when we got to the car, one of the tires looked a little flat, and by the time I had driven it the 5 minutes back to the terminal, it was all the way flat.  Due to the very cold temps and it being a holiday, AAA was clogged up big time and took forever to get to us.  Luckily, Amy's family sprung into action.  Amy's brother came and helped me get the spare on, and Amy's dad also made it out to make sure we all got home safe.  I'm skipping over some details, but suffice to say that all in all, it was about four extra hours of stress but we eventually all got home and now have a few extra errands to do over the next couple of days but it could've been worse.

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