Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Getting Around in the City

Given the complexity of our family - three kids, two in school and with three extra-curricular activities between them - every week is a minor logistical miracle.  It helps that school is within close walking distance, as are two of the three extra-curricular activities.  That urban form also works in our favor when it comes to other things like doctor/dental/orthodontic appointments, haircuts, and play dates, since all of those things are either a short walk or an easy transit ride away.  Importantly, that proximity and ease means that the two older kids do many of these trips on their own, since they don't need a car or an adult to get there.  

There are things that are hard about being a parent living in a city.  But there are other things that are, in my opinion, way easier.  This is one of them.

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