Monday, December 18, 2017

Prayers for Aaron

I wanted to ask those of you who pray to pray for our son Aaron.  I don't want to go into any detail, nor are the details necessary to be able to pray.  I just wanted to ask for help in lifting up our son to God, because he is in the midst of some behavioral issues that cause us to feel that we need outside help, both in the form of professional therapy as well as seeking people to pray with us.

One of the things I appreciate about social media is that, in spite of all the hate and trolling out there, it really can be one big loving village.  And I am fortunate to have so many in my village who are truly and deeply in our corner when it comes to our precious children.  Parenting is hard, and while sometimes social media is for happy things like holiday portraits and straight A's and first place trophies, sometimes it's a good venue to reach out for help.

I am deeply grateful to have a village like this to rejoice in our children with and also to worry and pray over them with.  It is on the one hand hard for me to share all of this, and on the other hand easy because I know people do earnestly care.  And for that I thank you.
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