Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Of all of the nicknames we've come up with for Asher, "King Baby" seems to be everyone's favorite.  The littlest member of our family is also the sun around which the rest of us orbit.

Mealtime is when this seems to really come to fore.  For starter's, Asher gets his money's worth while in his high chair.  Then he'll meander from person to person, getting each one of us to hoist him up to our level, where he'll mooch whatever's in front of us that he happens to like.

We know we need to set limits for him at this age, so at some point he wears out his welcome and we issue an ultimatum that he either has to sit back in his chair if he's still hungry, or else leave the kitchen and go play.  But for a few go-rounds, he's running things in the kitchen.  As it should be for our King Baby.
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