Friday, August 25, 2017

Huangs in Williamsburg, Day 6

Amy was feeling good enough to give the day a go.  We liked hitting the park later the day before because the sun was less hot and the lines were much shorter.  So after Asher's nap, we hit the hotel pool for a little bit first before heading out to Busch Gardens.

The park was a lot funner with Amy and without rain.  Asher had a blast on the kiddie rides, although he may have enjoyed watching the grown-up rides zoom by even more.  Aaron and Jada went to town once again, and Amy and I took turns riding with them versus playing with Asher.  Alas, the evening arrived and we bid adieu to the park.  I'm sure we'll be back, but for the moment it was back to the hotel to pack up.

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