Monday, July 17, 2017

On Again, Off Again

Welcome home; now it's time to head back out.  That's what this weekend felt like, with Jada and then Aaron returning from separate two-week sleepaway camps, only to then ship them back out to a one-week soccer camp. 

Jada arrived home first and immediately remarked that she would enjoy having a single night of sleep in which neither Aaron was home nor was she surrounded by 10-12 girls.  Aaron's arrival home allowed us to have one solitary family dinner together, albeit one encroached upon by the need for laundry and packing.

The next morning, I took Asher with me to drop Jada and Aaron off at the bus pick-up spot.  Asher is enamored with buses, so to see a real one up close and personal made him quite happy.  I allowed him to board and sit for a second, but once I pulled him off and he realized he wasn't making the trip with his big sibs, he got very upset. 

Once we left, he was fine, but it made me think that someday he will in fact be making the trip.  By then, Aaron and Jada will be college-bound.  Gosh, these kids are growing up so fast!

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