Tuesday, April 04, 2017


The whether, when, and where of domestic adoptions is such a crapshoot.  For example, the matching process for Asher took well over a year, whereas for Jordan it happened almost instantaneously.  Who can explain it?  We trust in a sovereign God for provision and timing.

We felt extra blessed with Asher.  Obviously getting him was the absolute best, but it was not a small perk to get him from Oklahoma City on the very weekend of the 20th anniversary of the bombing.  What a way to visit a city neither Amy nor I had ever been to.  From walking around on a beautiful spring day to seeing the museum and the memorial to feeling the energy of the marathon that is run that weekend every year, it was an incredibly emotional experience of an iconic American city.

My thoughts today are of Memphis, where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated almost 50 years ago.  Later this month, we are likely heading there to pick up Jordan, and while we wait for her to get cleared medically and legally for us to bring her home, we will be able to partake in another great and iconic American city.  We will soak in all that Memphis has to offer, and just as our OKC visit in 2015 is forever etched in our family history, so we look forward to Memphis 2017. 

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