Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar

Much is made of Asher's belly, cheeks, and appetite, and rightly so.  And yet it may surprise you that there are times when he doesn't eat much.  Some of it is that we are finally transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, and he is resisting, so we have gone from two gallons of whole milk a week to far less.  And some of it is that he is finicky and stubborn, so if he doesn't get what he wants he
will hold out until he does; and when we hold the line and don't give in, neither does he.  But some of it is that he has seasons in which he just doesn't eat a lot. 

Ah, but then there are seasons in which he just doesn't stop eating.  He'll get a breakfast in as soon as he wakes up, mooch a second breakfast off workers or other kids at the Y if I take him first thing, and then pound some more food once we get home.  Forget breakfast-brunch-lunch; we're talking breakfast #1, breakfast #2, and breakfast #3. 

Not sure where all this food is going, but I'm sure it is fueling an impending growth spurt.  Time for new clothes...

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