Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Word Count

We're not sweating it, but it does seem like Asher is a little lighter on the vocab for his age.  This is, perhaps, an inaccurate assessment, since our easiest comps are kids whose well-educated parents have been hyper-vigilant about constantly chattering to them since even before they were born.  So we're not worrying.  But we are keeping tabs, to see if extra help is needed in the same ways we stepped up for Jada and Aaron as they have had their issues.

Until then, more for my own personal documentation, here are the words Asher seems to have in his arsenal, as he is about to turn 2 in a couple of months:

1. Mommy.  Sometimes it is a call for Amy and sometimes it is just a general call for care or a general lament when in need.  Seems appropriate.  By the way, he doesn't appear to know "Daddy" yet.  Once again, I am chopped liver.

2. No.  This is, of course, both quite a useful word to say, and a common one that he hears.  Interestingly enough, he does not seem to have mastered "Yes," although his can nod vigorously and beam his million dollar smile to connote the same sentiment.

3. Mine.  Also a useful word to master, although not one he says that much.  Still, he uses it enough, and in the right contexts, to let us know he understands the concept of possession.

4. Bye.  When it's time to say goodbye (to babysitters or when we pick up him from Child Watch at the Y), he's quite good at these transitions.  He'll put away toys, look for his jacket, and blow kisses to everyone.  He's got a cute hand wave to go with his "Bye" too.

5. Yay.  Related to the putting away things, he likes cheering for himself after he's done a good deed.  We like cheering along with him.  

6. Up.  He's a man on the go, so he knows how to signal that he's ready to get out of his high chair and back to puttering around.  Used to be more like "up'm," but now says it more clearly.

7. Ba ba.  Cheating a little here, since that's not a word.  But he and we know he means "Bottle."  Usually preceded by a whine that is supposed to mean "I want," as in "uh uh ba ba."

8. Bee.  Again, cheating a little here, since that's not a word either.  But this is how he says "TV," and when we say "TV?" back to him, he nods vigorously and beams his million dollar smile.  (This is also preceded by that "uh uh" whine, as with "ba ba.")

9. Beep beep.  Kind of sounds like "bee bee" above, but referring to the sound cars make.  He'll do this when he hears actual cars beep, or when he's playing with cars.

10. Oooh.  Is this a word?  It's the sound he makes when he sees or does something he really likes.  

And that's about it.  There's a lot of baby chattering, and there is the beginning of some ABCs, and he understands a lot of our words, but as for his own speaking it is a lot of grunting and whining and not a lot of words.  I'm sure they will come, and I know that if they don't we will find help.

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