Friday, February 17, 2017

2nd Marking Period

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend Aaron and Jada's parent teacher conferences, to pick up their report cards and find out what was going on in the classroom.  I was out of town for the first marking period so this was my first contact so far this school year.

Aaron was first.  My 10-minute meeting with his 4th grade teacher was great, since Aaron is doing well grade-wise and also habit-wise.  He lifted B's in writing and math from the first marking period up to A's this marking period, and his only non-A was in social studies on account of one bad test.  Also, I am hearing confirmation of classroom characteristics over the months and years of parent-teacher conferences that make me happy, such as that he is a diligent worker, works well in groups, and is becoming less hesitant in talking out possible solutions even if they're not quite right.

Jada is in middle school, so just like how she is adjusting to having to traipse from classroom to classroom and learning different teachers' styles and expectations, so I was thrust into a circuit of short meet-ups at four different stations, speed-dating-style.  Jada's grades have slipped a bit, from 5 A's and 2 B's to 2 A's and 5 B's, so Amy's meeting at the school earlier this week to renew Jada's 504 Plan is proving timely.  A 504 Plan provides specific accommodations for students with mental or physical disabilities, and in Jada's case the extra support is minor but potentially impactful, in terms of requesting teachers to offer additional nudges to her about remembering homework assignments and taking tests seriously when she might otherwise muddle up those connections.  Every teacher agreed that Jada was smart enough to do better, so hopefully these little nudges will keep her from sliding on homework and tests.

I'm thankful for their school and its teachers, and proud of the ways our kids are growing up and finding their way.
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