Friday, January 06, 2017

They Keep Me Up at Night

Sleep problems are endemic to parents, and I am no different.  But, largely, they have not been caused by kids who need me in the middle of the night.  Mercifully, because I am a wimp about getting enough sleep, each of our kids have been good sleepers relatively early.  They go to bed early, they don't need our help to fall asleep, and they don't come into our room.

But they still keep me up at night.  Sometimes I sleep soundly.  But sometimes I will awake in the middle of the night, restless about something in my life.  Sometimes it's not the kids; goodness knows there are plenty of other stressors that make up my days.  But a lot of times it is the kids.  I'm worried about how much Jada is struggling in middle school this year.  I'm worried about Aaron's temper.  I'm worried about Asher's safety.  Worry, worry, worry.

I wish I could say that I pray and then I feel at peace and then I go back to sleep.  That rarely happens, although usually I do try to lay my concerns before God, sometimes more desperately and earnestly than others.  Such is the burden of parenthood.  God, please have Your hand upon our kids, all of their days. 

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