Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fair Weather Dad

Pick your favorite metaphor for family life, and it suits our situation.  Fire drill?  Pit crew?  Perpetual motion machine?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Like all families, we have our shortcuts, hiccups, and idiosyncrasies, and we make it work.  Just barely.

Ah, except when illness invades.  Then the well-oiled machine falls apart.  Illness saps us of feeling good, of course, but it also adds complexity and uncertainty when we are trying desperately to keep things simple and certain.  What if Aaron has to stay home from schoo
l?  Is Asher too contagious to leave in Child Watch at the Y?  Amy's sick, so will I or won't I have to cover picking up Jada?  I'm sick, which means sayonara to grabbing all the kids and taking them out to breakfast so Amy can get a break. 

Life is full of complexities and uncertainties.  Surely, as I've been a dad for over a decade, I get that and can flex with it.  But not so much, especially when it comes to complexities and uncertainties I didn't expect.  (Yes, I understand the irony behind the previous sentence.)  Life's hard enough when everything's going right, but I love it.  Here's hoping I can learn to live and love when things fall apart too.
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