Friday, November 04, 2016


I don't always get to do bedtime with Asher since at least once or twice a week I'm out late for work.  But I do cherish all the other days I can be part of the end of his day.

Amy is the main bath-giver, and so on those days Asher gets a nice warm wash and all kinds of grooming featuring multiple products I was not previously familiar with.

Not sure how much he's into me reading to him from the classics (we just started "Beloved"), but he seems happy to suck down his final milk bottle of the day while I prattle on.

The last part is the best, which is that after praying together I tuck him, pat him on the butt a few times, and then step away a few steps...only to return immediately to jut my lips through the slats of his crib and make kissy noises.  That's his cue to get out from under the covers and give me a good mouth-on-mouth smack.

We usually do this a few times, sometimes me initiating and sometimes him, until I tell him that's all for the night and he lies back down with a smile on his face and I turn out the light with a smile on my face too.  No matter how bad my day was or how crabby his day was, it's always nice to end it with a smile.
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