Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Days 1-3

Day 1
We packed a daunting amount of items to fit into a tiny minivan, but with the help of a soft shell carrier atop the roof we got it all in.  (I had purchased a 2nd carrier, which goes on the back, that we didn't even have to use.)  Traffic was awful heading down, but finally we made it to our beach house.  As we were driving in, we marveled at how many people were out and about in their swimwear, so we knew the beach was not far.  We got in, unpacked, made a grocery run, and had dinner in.  Asher had only got a morning nap in, before we left for Delaware, and he was beat, so he went down first.  We had a little birthday cake for Amy to get an early start to her birthday celebration, and then Aaron and I went to bed while Jada and Amy stayed up at watched Olympics.

Day 2
Asher made it to 6am so we can live with that.  We all headed out for a walk to get our bearings, and were immediately struck by how cute the place is.  And, since we were hungry, we made note of all the places we want to go eat.  Speaking of which, we did stop in a bakery and got way too many sweet treats to go.  After the sugar rush, we decided to go for a quick jog to the nearest playground, and then packed up for a day at the beach.  Asher was a little scared of how strong and cold the ocean was, but otherwise he seemed to have fun.  He tired quickly, though, so I brought him back to the house while Amy, Aaron, and Jada stayed out another couple of hours.  We cooled off at home for bit before heading out to the boardwalk for pizza and carnival rides.  With a storm looming, we had to pass on ice cream, but I suspect we'll get our fair share of it before the vacation is out.

Day 3
Nice to get into a routine already, which unsurprisingly is based on Asher's sleep schedule.  A long first full day in town meant he slept quite well, making it all the way to practically 7am.  We fed him some breakfast and then brought everyone to the Y and put the kids in Kid Watch so Amy and I could work out.  We ran some errands on the way home and then Asher went down for a nice long nap (and so did I, after making Aaron and Jada breakfast).   After everyone woke up, we went to Midway Speedway and did go karts and other fun rides for a few hours.  We retired home so Asher could take his afternoon nap, while Aaron and Jada watched TV and Amy made dinner.  When Asher woke up, we took a walk to the playground and then came back for dinner at home.  We capped the evening with a pleasant stroll down the boardwalk for ice cream.  What a nice family time together!

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