Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Finally Reading

After I did a blitz-read of online versions of the Bible (and the Book of Confessions and a couple of African-American classics), my reading with Asher hit a serious lull.  What had happened was that he went from being a lump to being highly mobile, curious, and antsy.  Every time I tried to read something with him it was about 10 percent holding and reading the book and 90 percent wrestling Asher.  Soon enough, I just gave up.

But, starting a few weeks ago, I decided to just keep at it.  And, for a while, it was more wrestling.  And, it still is.  But now Asher knows I'm going to keep at it, so while sometimes he fights sometimes he actually sits still.  I mean, he's still grabbing at the pages and trying to wriggle his way to the floor, but it's good enough for me.  I mean, I have to make him a reader.  Even if I have to wrestle him for it.

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