Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last weekend was one of the great child milestones: the first haircut.

Despite multiple exposures to the neighborhood barber, Asher found this experience unsettling.  It was just me and him, so I had to keep him strapped into the stroller while I got my haircut, and you know how much he likes being hemmed in.

When it was his turn, he did not like the chair or the apron at all.  I had to hold him in my lap, and even then he was a squirmy worm while the barber did his thing.  Mercifully, the barber and I both decided to keep things simple, so we just shaved everything off - no fade, no lines, no muss, no fuss.

It's weird seeing Asher without his hair.  He's still cute bald, but we think we're going to let him grow it out again.  Til then,
the soft brush is our friend!
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