Saturday, May 14, 2016

Running Hot

Amy usually does most of Asher's bedtime routine (bath, skin/hair care, bottle) but she worked late one night last week so I handled it.  I had it easy as our nanny brought him and Aaron home from Aaron's swim practice around dinnertime, and you could tell Asher was ready to go down.  Indeed, after a relatively small meal we skipped the bath and went straight to the bottle, and he went to bed with no struggle.

Since it was relatively early, when he woke up around 3 the next morning I wasn't surprised.  I got him, fed him another bottle, and put him back in bed with no drama.  Later that morning, he still hadn't woken up by his usual hour, so I went to check to make sure he was OK and he was still out cold, snoring up a storm, so I figured I'd leave him be and went to work.

Still later that morning, Amy, who is a trained health care professional and as such is good at picking up on symptoms, texted me to say he was running a pretty bad fever and that she had scheduled a doctor's appointment.  It occurred to me when I read the text that I should've seen the signs: not only the lethargy, but the fact that when I got him in the middle of the night he was hot to the touch.  Again, this is why Amy is in health care and I am not.

Thankfully, the verdict later that day was that Asher has an ear infection.  So we're in the middle of 10 days of antibiotics, which we are hoping will do the trick.  Obviously, he's in a lot of discomfort, which chills out his usual frantic pace but also makes him more of a curmudgeon.  Poor kid.  Lucky that he has a mama who's good in situations like this, and that he has a dad who, um, was smart enough to marry such a woman.
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