Thursday, October 15, 2015

They Have Achieved Consciousness started Huang Kid Khronicles over 10 years ago (gasp!) as a way to document parenthood for myself and family/friends.  Pics, musings,'s all here and it's all over the place, just like parenthood.  It's fun to post and it's fun to look back.  I'm glad I publish, and I appreciate all the comments/encouragements/corrections I have received from others. 

What's been interesting lately is how diligently Jada reads my blog.  Cute pics of Asher are an obvious hook.  But I think she is also amused to read about my perspective on our family life.  Plus, looking back, she can see all of her own life's milestones recorded in one place.  Talk about learning about yourself! 

I'm super hard on my kids, super proud of them, and super committed to them.  Huang Kid Khronicles is a window in to the uneven way I live this out.  It is delightful to me that the very subjects of the blog are now among the readers.  (To up the fun even more, I told Jada I'd pass the blog down to her once she became a parent.  The subject becomes the source!) 
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