Friday, September 18, 2015

Parents: Keep Talking

Our recent vacation train ride through the Rockies included numerous breathtaking moments that I wanted my kids to enjoy with me.  But, as I snapped photo after photo, they seemed decidedly less in awe than I.  "It's just a bunch of rocks" was one particularly snide reply.  

It occurred to me that I was similarly blase when I was their age and my dad was reveling in scenic views.  Somehow, his love for picture-taking and nature rubbed off on me.  I am encouraged to keep on with my own kids, trusting that they will someday learn to appreciate what I appreciate.

Indeed, I am reminded that our lessons to them are not always met with immediate receptivity, but that does not mean we ought not continue to pass them on.  Whether we are talking about nature or Jesus or Booker T. Washington or Midwestern towns down on their luck (to name a few topics covered during our 72 hours together on the train), they may not act like they are taking it in, but they are.  And, if we keep talking, maybe it'll actually sink in.

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