Saturday, September 12, 2015

Can We Do the First Day of School Over Again; I Didn't Get My Picture

I'd like a do-over on the first day of school, which was earlier this week.  Jada is now in the fifth grade and Aaron is in the third grade, so right before our eyes they are growing up and I want to enjoy/document every moment.  At the very least, I wanted to capture the two of them in their school uniforms, looking all crisp and ready for a new year of learning and friendships.

The picture above is as close as I got to such a snapshot.  The morning was a blur, what with Amy and I both sweating new stuff at work (her in the midst of a week-long training and me unburying myself from being away on vacation), the kids waking up early but not having slept much, and the house awhirr with the serving of breakfast and the preparing of lunches.

The evening was worse.  Amy was fried, I had to take a work call while serving/eating dinner, Aaron and Jada threw forms our way, and Asher howled.  The only thing Amy and I were able to simultaneously give our attention to was our old vacuum cleaner, which decided to break on this auspicious day.  Speaking of broken, did Jada's room air conditioner stop working, and is that water damage in the 2nd floor bathroom?

The next morning wasn't much less crazy, plus I had to get out to the suburbs extremely early for a speaking engagement.  But, given the whirlwind that was the first day of school, I did take a moment (a very short moment, but a moment nonetheless) with each of the three kids, not necessarily to impart any wisdom or encouragement but to look at them and take a mental snapshot of them at this exact age.

A friend of mine once said that with kids, the days are long and the years are short.  These days seem blurry fast, and the years are flying by.  Here's hoping for a little bit of chill time this weekend to just be.
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