Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcoming Party

A common question I get about Asher is if Aaron and Jada are excited to have a baby brother.  The answer may be surprising.  Neither of them are lovey-dovey types.  They may very well be more excited if we bring them home a souvenir from OKC than that we're bringing home a sibling.  Not that they are heartless.  Just that they're not quite sure what this all is going to mean for their lives.  And they're not really baby people.  So they're excited, I suppose, but less so than you might think.

And yet there may be glimmers of tenderness budding in their hearts.  Even as they grow up and become sassy pre-teens with preferences and humor beyond their years, they still love stuffed animals.  And as we were getting Asher's new room ready, Aaron decided that it would be best decorated with some of his stuffed animals. So in addition to two excited parents-to-be and two older siblings, there is now a posse of Aaron's stuffed animals waiting for Asher to arrive.  How sweet!
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