Saturday, March 21, 2015

One More Week I was at work on Wednesday, I got a call from Amy. "Are you sitting down?"  Uh oh.  Well, I am now.  "The birth mother has gone into labor."

Do you ever hear something, and it goes into your head, but it just kind of bounces around with sticking to anything?  Yeah, that's how I took the news. 

Keep in mind that the due date was supposed to be May 6.  And here we were, 7 weeks in advance, hearing the starter pistol and caught completely unprepared.

Long story short, the docs were able to delay the birth for a week - I didn't know you could do that - which is particularly helpful for Asher's lungs to develop a little more before he has to use them.

It also means we have had time to make plans and get ourselves ready.  We're off to OKC soon, hopefully in time to be there for Asher's birth. 
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