Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Huangs in Wbg/DC, Day 3

We didn't want to do theme parks back to back, but nothing is open after Labor Day.  So, a day after we did a full day at Busch Gardens, we did a full day at Water Country USA.

Given the possibility of long lines (water rides take forever to turn over...think 1-4 riders at a time, rather than a roller-coaster ride taking 20-40 riders at a time), we decided to pony up extra for something called Quick Queue, which gets you to the front of the line on a handful of rides.  It was worth it, even though we got all sorts of stares from the people we were passing (we shot the same glares the day before when people were passing us in line at Busch Gardens).

Armed with Quick Queue, and pacing ourselves in terms of sustenance, hydration, and rest, we packed a lot of rides into our day out.  Aaron was the most adventurous, while I shrieked the most.  We had a blast, and my only quibble was that we traveled light so I didn't carry my phone so I couldn't take any pics.  That's OK...we'll always have the memories.
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