Saturday, August 23, 2014

With Phone of last weekend, Jada is officially with phone.  We didn't get her a new phone - Amy did, and bequeathed her old iPhone 4s to Jada - but she has her own line and with it all kinds of freedoms and opportunities.

Since we got her the phone at the very end of last weekend, and since this week has been a blur, we'll be spending the weekend going over how to use it, setting up parental controls, and teaching her what she should and shouldn't do with it. 

As you can imagine, she is over the moon now that she has her own electronic.  As the last of her friends to get something, I don't think it was being left out - she's too simple to understand what peer pressure means - as much as it was something that she wanted that only she didn't have.  (Maybe this doesn't sound any different to you but it does to me.)

Getting the phone was a big motivator for her, and now keeping it (rather than having it confiscated) will be a big motivator.  Let's hope she treats it right.  I think she's grown up enough to.
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