Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kids Away

Jada had so much of a blast at sleepaway camp last month that she immediately began counting down the days to sleepaway camp this month.  She's now there and likely having the time of her life with new friends, caring counselors, and fun activities under the stars. 

Aaron also got a taste of life away from home recently, when we sent him to his cousin's for an overnighter.  His cousin seemed to delight in having a playmate and Aaron delighted to be with a younger boy instead of a domineering older sister.  They naturally reveled in boy stuff all weekend. 

As you know from yesterday's post, Amy and I made the most of our freedom.  It seems everyone was happy to be where they were.  As much as I look forward to everyone being together, methinks there'll be scheming for other times when everyone can go away.
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