Friday, July 25, 2014

Mama Bear Moment
Amy has a lot of what I call "Mama Bear" moments, meaning those primal moments when you defend your kids against harm.  I had one earlier this week.

We were walking home from school, and it's fairly uphill.  The three of us were hand in hand, with me in the middle, so we took up a good half to two-thirds of the sidewalk.  Careening towards us in the other direction was a guy on a bicycle.  Once I saw him, I yanked Aaron (who was to my left) towards me to get him out of the path of the bicyclist.

The bicyclist had plenty of time to slow down, so it wasn't a bang-bang thing, but he was still going pretty fast, on a block well-trafficked by pedestrians such as parents and kids and elderly folks.  As he coasted by me, he said thanks, but I snarled back, "You shouldn't be riding on the sidewalk."

I don't normally call out cyclists so directly, but it was primal.  You know, like a Mama Bear.

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