Monday, February 24, 2014

First Sleepover

Today is Jada's birthday but this past weekend was her friend birthday party.  And it was a sleepover, her first as the host.  And we survived.

Jada's request was dinner in Chinatown, so after her friends had arrived, we took the bus downtown and made our way to her favorite restaurant.  We were to hit the Gallery and Five Below on the way back to our bus stop but the place was closed so we just headed home, had birthday cake, and watched a movie.

At about 10, I sent Aaron to his bedroom, confiscated all the food and electronic devices, and told the girls the night was all theirs so long as they kept it relatively quiet.  And, with the exception of a light reminder at around 2 in the morning, we didn't have any interaction with them until breakfast.

Breakfast was fun.  Amy made French toast, pancakes, and bacon, and Aaron and the girls scarfed down everything in sight while dishing on their overnight activities, school news, and favorite commercials.  One by one, parents arrived to take their daughters home, and by the late morning, Jada was all alone again, to marvel at all her gifts and to set to the task of cleaning up the mess that her room had become.

It was a good time had by all.  We feel blessed that Jada has such good friends and we marvel that we can watch our happy little girl grow up before our eyes.  That said, I'm glad it'll be someone else's turn to host the next time she and the girls have a sleepover birthday party and that we have another year to go until it comes back to us.

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