Monday, December 16, 2013

Anatomy of a Weekend
Where does the weekend go?  No, seriously, in addition to wondering how it is Monday morning already, I am interested in knowing how I spent my weekend hours.  So here is this post to record for posterity.    For the purpose of this exercise, let's consider the weekend to be the 60 hours from 8p Friday to 8a Monday.

Sleep - 24 hours.  This is higher than the typical weekend but I've been sleep-deprived so was trying to get caught up.

Chores, errands - 12 hours.  Amy does a bunch on the weekdays and even more on the weekends.  I do very little during the week so try to get caught up on the weekend. (I include working on work in this category; not as much working on client work as doing administrative things like catching up on email or getting myself organized for the week ahead.)

Family activities (not including church or meals in) - 8 hours.  This weekend's family fun included going to the Y, gymnastics, and zoo.

Amy and me time - 4 hours.  Equal parts relaxing (TV) and stressing (administrivia).  

Meals in - 4 hours.  On a not unrelated note, the kitchen floor got cleaned three times over the weekend.

Church, family/individual devotions - 4 hours.  I really ought to spend more alone time on Bible and prayer, especially on the weekend when I could make more time, but if I'm honest this is the current time spent on such things.

Me time - 4 hours.  Reading in bed, fast-forwarding through football the morning after, and Monday morning exercise.  And not a little aimless surfing around on YouTube. 

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