Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks for Giving've hit another milestone in Jada's awareness of charity.  This year she took the lead on doing two shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, which meant filling and wrapping two shoeboxes to be sent to kids in need around the world.  From start to finish, she seemed to take delight in the act of giving: deciding to do it, opting to do two (one for a boy her age and one for a girl her age), picking out items to put in the shoeboxes, wrapping the shoeboxes, and bringing them up to the front of church this past Sunday.

Jada is still a fairly unempathetic person, not one to extend a hand to someone in need or do much of anything beyond what suits herself.  In this regard, she is not unlike me.  But, like me, she is learning how to be more charitable.  And I am happy for that.

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