Friday, August 16, 2013

Cali 2013, Day 14 of 15

Our last full day in Cali proved to be fuller than expected.  Since the kids had so much fun at the theme parks, I chose to bring them to Happy Hollow Zoo and Park in downtown San Jose.  Things started well, as our Philadelphia Zoo membership got us in for free (I assumed there was some discount but wasn't sure how much - 100% is pretty good!).

Things got even better when we realized that, because it was a weekday, we pretty much had our run of the place.  There were maybe 50 other families there in the morning, and even fewer when we first arrived.  Having routinely waited 30 to 45 minutes for a ride, and having to dodge hordes of families just a few days back, it was really smooth to be able to walk right up to a ride and hop right on.

For the most part, the rides were too easy for the kids, although not having to wait helped.  Some of the bigger rides, which intimidated them when we were there last, about two or three years ago, were laughably small for them now.  No matter: they still had the time of their lives.

We went back to my parents' house for lunch and then we all headed out for a walk at Guadalupe Gardens, where we took in the rose garden and took pics of the airplanes flying overhead (we were really close to San Jose International).  Then we went to dim sum and both Jada and Aaron pounded the food, to the delight and amazement of my parents.

The kids went to bed happily, even getting some sherbet and Jeopardy! as part of the evening festivities before retiring to their bedroom.  I packed up and called it an early night as well; with my vacation coming to an end, to heck if I was going to go back to my real life on short sleep!
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