Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Big Sis, Little Bro

Stating the obvious, Jada and Aaron’s bond with each other is one that will likely shape their respective lives and future relationships.  We know this from sibling order studies and from our own lives, and yet it is still remarkable to me just how much of who we become is forged by whether we had brothers and sisters, how many, and in what order.

I’m happy to report that Jada and Aaron’s relationship with each other is…normal.  They have things they enjoy doing together.  They gang up on Amy and me when it serves them, and rat each other out when that is expedient.  They fight with one another – thankfully, not physically, unless you count “get out of my space” and “stop poking me.” 

Of course, they’re not just siblings, they’re big sis and little bro.  Other parents of such a combination can verify if this is normal or not, but it all seems logical to me.  Jada has her close girl friends, covets her privacy, wants to see the world, and is easily annoyed by Aaron’s childish behavior.  Aaron is hyper-social but his friendships lack depth at this juncture, he doesn’t understand why Jada needs her space, and is often hurt when she pushes him away or doesn’t let him in. 

Time will tell how these experiences imprint on their respective characters and personalities.  Hopefully, they’ll maintain a close relationship – they are, after all, each other’s only sibling – and look back fondly on their childhood.  I know Amy and I are doing our darnedst to enjoy the present even as we try to prepare them for the future.

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