Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The News on Aaron's School Situation is That There is No News

https://www.recyclebank.com/media/school_images/resized/Lea-Elementary-4700-Locust-Street.jpgIn case you were wondering, we don't know where Aaron will be going to school come the fall.  He's still on the wait list at Penn Alexander, and there are no more spots in 1st grade than there are in kindergarten.  So kids who are in kindergarten now will have to leave between now and the fall for us to have a spot. 

We've had a good year at Lea.  I've greatly appreciated Aaron's principal and his teacher; both have been top-notch.  But we do hope to be able to move Aaron over to Penn Alexander by the fall. 

It will be good for our two to be going to the same school; I just haven't had the oomph to get involved in two schools at once, so I haven't done either.  We'll see if that can happen as early as the fall. 
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