Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh Mann!

Photo: Jada, on the other hand, is reveling in it all
If there's a better way to spend a summer night in Philly than lounging in the lawn area at the Mann Music Center, I don't want to know what it is.  And so I decided to treat the kids to one of my favorite places and activities of all time.  It helped that Pixar in Concert was on a date very close to the longest day of the year, so as to minimize the amount of time we'd be under cover of night outside.

Alas, the rain threatened to intervene in a big way.  On my way home from work yesterday evening, it was raining sheets, with no end to the thunderstorms in the forecast through the evening.  Sitting outdoors for a couple of hours seemed to be far from the question.

Photo: At the intermission...Goo Bear's getting sleepy but won't admit itBut the rain stopped, and Mann's Twitter feed said they were giving free upgrades from lawn seats to covered seats.  So we chanced it.  Instead of picnicking on the lawn area, we ate at home.  When we arrived on site, it started raining hard again, so we waited it out.  But once we got to our seats, the rain became irrelevant, and all that was left was enjoying great classical music and fun clips from all the Pixar movies.

Photo: Braving the elements - and a late bedtime- to see Pixar in Concert at the MannPhoto: Free upgrade to covered seats...lawn seats would've been gunner but tonight way too soggyI wondered if the kids would flag - 8 to 10 is very late for kids used to being in bed by 7ish - but the whole atmosphere was more than enough to keep them wired.  It was really a grand night, to share in the magic of music and movies with my two.  Though I'm hurting this morning, I'm glad we went for it.
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